Motorvation Car Servicing & Repair Customer Testimonials

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsVery pleased with service.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsBoth my wife and I dealt with Will who was very professional and highly personable, a breath of fresh air.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsRegularly used this garage for ten years.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsNo nonsense, honest, trustworthy garage. Would definitely use again. Phoned up on Tuesday, booked in for Thursday, dropped the car off at 8.30am and the repair was complete by 2.30pm. They did not carry out any work until discussing it with me, explained what the issues were and quoted me a price I was expecting, with a reasonable labour rate. It was some minor servicing work on my Audi, I had done my research before hand and had a good idea of what was wrong and the likely cost. They have all the computer diagnostic kit and seem like a very capable garage. I had got fed up for paying over the odds at the main dealer and feeling like I had been ripped off each time. Great news is that they also specialise in VW so will be taking my wife car down they as well.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsExcellent!

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsExcellent!

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsFast friendly service.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsA garage that gives you peace of mind.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsA recommended, good and honest garage.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsI am swapping over our business account as have been so impressed.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsI had used only the main dealer previously and felt dissatisfied on the lack of quality and high charges. I was relieved to receive the recommendation of this garage, who are honest and fair.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsI have been coming to Motorvation for years, even when I did not live in the area. Highly recommended.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsVery good service all round.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsReally welcoming garage, very helpful will definitely recommend to everyone I know!

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsVery helpful and friendly. Good attitude to dealing with service problems.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsI have been a customer for over 12 years, they have always been very helpful and nothing is very too much of a problem. I highly recommend them.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsExcellent, friendly and helpful. Amazing customer service, offered a cup of tea on arrival. What more could I ask for?

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsExcellent thoughtful and friendly service all round.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsThis is a great local garage for me. All of the staff are always very helpful. They always fit my car or van in – whatever the problem. A good garage!!

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsIn this day and age, it is hard to find a trustworthy, quality garage, Motorvation are both friendly and completely trustworthy staff, who provide a very efficient, high quality service. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the staff of this garage. A high quality, good value service is always provided, without exception. I would and do travel a long way to use this garage.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsWill and the team instill such confidence that your car is in good hands. The results prove it.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsVery helpful.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsIt is a pleasure to find a garage you can trust to do a proper job at a reasonable cost. My wife also takes her car there and is treated with the utmost respect.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsAlways very helpful and friendly service. Very trustworthy – I take all my cars there.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsVery accommodating, reliable and trustworthy. Loan car available.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsI have recommended you to a number of people already!

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsI have visited this garage with my car with a cutting-out problem and a problem with the temperature sensor. Garage was by far the friendliest, helpful and courteous garage I have visited in 20 years of driving. I was offered a cup of coffee on arrival, and somewhere for my daughter to wait whilst the car was inspected. When told the car has to be left overnight, they said a courtesy car would be available to use – perfect! And one of the mechanics fixed the temperature sensor problem right there and then and unbelievably did not charge me a penny for the work, and said would see me later regarding the engine cutting-out problem. By a long way, the best garage I have visited anywhere in the UK and I do not say that lightly! I would recommend this business to anyone who does not know much about car mechanics, but want an honest, reasonably priced, friendly and professional service and advice about your car – I will be back again! Excellent work, chaps!

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsNice friendly staff.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsThey took all the stress of an MOT away and meeting Max the Labrador was an added bonus.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsExcellent company to deal with, real personal touch. Have already recommended to colleagues and friends and will be using again.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsExcellent company, always use them for all my vehicles.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsHelpful, professional and efficient service. This is a proper garage!

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsI have used this garage for about 10 years. This garage provides a very professional service and work is done to a very high standard. Staff are very friendly + helpful. More to the point, I know this is not a ‘cowboy’ outfit, and if they say work needs doing, it genuinely does need doing and it will be done properly – utterly trustworthy.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsA well organised and professional garage.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsFirst rate service that I could recommend anyone to.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsPolite, excellent work and attitude.

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsCar running very well

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsVery fast and efficient service

Motorvation Car Servicing TestimonialsEven washed my car for me